3 Reasons Technology Ruined Dating

As convenient as speed dating in bed is, with a swipe of your finger, it’s not always the most successful means of meeting a potential connection. The surplus of websites and apps out there promoting online dating instead of human interaction has become the new norm.

1. Escaping the past:

All those hook ups and ex’s you have managed to avoid in classes, streets, and downtown are now popping up on every dating app, smacking you in the face with theirs. You forgot they were once a part of your sexual past, but now you’re constantly reminded that it didn’t work out and you’ve been doing this dating game for too long.

Since curiosity kills the cat, you might end up swiping right for shits and giggles, and if it ends up being mutual, the cycle goes around again.

You may even be more open to meeting up with them again because it’s in your comfort zone, wasting your time on old lovers rather than finding a better, new one.

It ends up being too hard to forget the past with all of your mistakes popping up on your phone, leading you to reminisce instead of freeing yourself from those experiences.

2. Pursuing the future:

Why just stick with one, when you have a million potential hotties at your fingertips?

Swiping is a little too easy and addicting so even though you’ve matched with various attractive people, you keep swiping in hopes for someone even hotter to pop up.

For some reason, you keep holding out for that perfect match that’s never coming because you’ve already messaged them but stopped responding. The entire act of swiping has become a game not to meet up with someone but talk to as many attractive people as possible.

Even if you’re in a relationship, the online date scene is so tempting that you or your partner download one just to ‘check it out.’ Then it becomes too late because you’re sucked into the addicting swiping game and before you know it you’ve added ten new hotties to your snap chat.

3. Following through:

It is a little too easy to send a compliment someone’s way with no intention of every telling them the exact thing in person. Just because you’ve reciprocated compliments and decide to meet, it’s way too easy to bail.

With a click of a button, you can unmatch and block, leaving them distraught because you’ve decided to change your mind.

I’m not saying that similar things don’t occur with old fashioned dating but not as shallow and deceiving. Human interaction is vital; someday you’re going to have to face someone in person instead of this virtual reality dating.

All I’m saying is that technology has done a number on our dating lifestyle and habits that we should acknowledge and try to break away from. So maybe you can get a happy ending with all of that swiping.  However, if you’re still interested in trying your luck at the dating game then check out the cupid.ly app the #1 new dating app.

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