3 Types of Pre-Gaming Before A Night Out

We all have questionable pre-game strategies and guarantee you’ve been the mastermind behind one of these. It doesn’t matter in the end, all that matters is that you get drunk with your best buds and have some good laughs.

The Early Starter Pre-Game:

You haven’t even had dinner yet, but you and your friends are just a little too excited to get the party started, so you pop open the bottles the second you get home. There’s nothing wrong with a couple of drinks before the pregame right? You decide to pour a glass of wine or seven while you get ready, by the time the pregame starts you’re wasted.

You try to get pumped for the night, but you have a hangover before the rest of your friends even show up because you were way too ahead of yourself… and the game.

Did you day fade or were you planning on going out for the entire night? You’re not even sure yourself, but you’re lucky that you have friends who tucked you in for the night before they decided to embrace the long night ahead.
The Pre-Game Turn Party:

You’re too excited for the pregame, so you decide to invite everyone, and their grandma’s to drink a little before heading out, but then your house ends up being too much fun. Also, you’re feeling a little too good to be kicking out all of these people you semi-like but totally invited to come over.

Before you know it, your place is filled with friends of friends and drinking sex games that you might as well stay open for business. You may have to open up a couple of bottles you were saving or make a quick run to the store for more alcohol, but your little pregame has turned into a full-blown party, and you’re okay with it. As long as nothing gets broken and your roommates are down to party too, or simply not home.

The Last Minute Pre-Game:

This is where the whole power hour plays a role to where you plan on getting fucked up in a matter of two minutes on the entire bottle of Smirnoff you bought five minutes ago. You were debating on if you were even going to go out but let’s be honest, you and your squad knew you were going out the second the day started. All of that, “ I’m staying in to get some rest tonight,” was complete shit and next time you need just to admit that you never mean what you say when it comes to not going out.

You leave the front door sober, and the second you arrive at your destination all of the shots and alcohol sits in and whoop there it is, you’re feeling it all. It’s almost an exciting way to start your night except you’re not too positive how much more drunk you’re going to continue to get the rest of the night because you forgot to keep track of how many shots you chugged.

Want to learn more? Check out the video below!