5 Sexiest SnapChat Filters

It’s no surprise that you’ve incorporated one of the trendiest snap chat filters into one of your sex pic conversations. It’s all no surprise that I will be able to point out the filters you’ve used on multiple occasions to enhance the sexiness if your pose and attributes you’re showing off.
1. Puppy Dog:

It’s hard not to look adorable in this filter whether you’re right out of the shower, sick in bed, or just getting ready for the night out. But the second you make a pouty face and incorporate this puppy dog filter you turn into this sexy pup.

This is definitely one of my go to’s because although it can come across a little childish, you have to admit that long tongue can turn things sexual real fast. And did I mention the sound effects? This one is perfect to get a little steamy action started over snap real quick.

2. Flower Crown:

Your face is flawless, and that innocent looking crown ends up making you feel a little naughtier when you send your sexy pic. Also, the eye enhancer in this one gives your eyes a little extra shimmer and appeal that makes any picture sexy. It also makes your smile breathtaking, and your entire face glistens.

3. Butterfly Crown:

This one is fierce and perfectly highlights and contours your cheekbones. You look very defined, and you end up taking bomb pictures regardless of what angle you take it in. Also if you do a little kip biting or show some teeth, it so happens to make them the whitest, sparkliest pearl looking things you’ve ever seen. One of the best flaw diminisher apps to exist and you end up looking sexy every time.

4. Big Eye Bronze:

There isn’t actually anything on this filter, but you look a million times better with the bronze tint and enhanced seductive eyes. Your face also looks a little more defined and slimmer which adds to the sexiness you already withhold. You can’t help but make your favorite sexy snapchat face while looking a million times better, without even trying. It doesn’t really matter what pose or face you end up making, the whole thing is enhanced to the point of attraction.

5.Hawaiin Princess:

You actually look like a sexy Hawaiian goddess with a pink flower in your hair ready to get laid, figuratively and physically. The lighting and perfectly swaying tree branches make it a perfect filter to hide certain naked areas if you have good timing. One you have to experiment with and make sure you get enough good ones in this filter for backup because it never stays on snap chat long enough!
These filters aren’t supposed to be used to cover up what you really look like but just enhance your features and spice things up a little bit. Obviously, there aren’t real butterflies flying around your head in real life, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t snap a picture or eleven when you’re feeling yourself.

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