Features of GameSiteScript

Add/Edit/Delete Games & Categories

Using a simple administration area you can add games and place them in categories.

GameSiteScript fully supports both external HTML pages, SWF files, DCR files, and custom game code.

Using the custom HTML game code option, you can add every possible online game type to your arcade, as well as other content such as movies or music.

Additionally, the order of the categories can be easily changed.

FTP, Browser-Based Uploads, or Direct Server File Transfers

You can upload game files via FTP or your web browser.

Additionally, you can transfer files from other web servers to your website.

For big game files, this will save you a large amount of time that would otherwise be spent downloading and uploading.

Automatic SWF Dimension Reading

GameSiteScript will automatically determine the dimensions of all added SWF files to save you the time of entering these yourself.

Automatic Thumbnail Resizing

GameSiteScript automatically resizes the thumbnail image to the default thumbnail size, which can be configured in the administration area.
Never again will you need to open your graphics package and do it yourself.

You are also given an option to clip the border off of images you uploaded. These features will save you an immense amount of time.

Maximum/Minimum Game Size

GameSiteScript can automatically resize SWF games so they are not smaller or larger than a specified width.

You can also set up a minimum width a game has, so games that are usually very small are scaled up.

Additionally, you can control whether games are displayed directly in the theme, or as a new popup window.

No Encryption or Encoding

The GameSiteScript PHP files are not encrypted or encoded. The source code can be easily modified.

Advertisement/Banner Manager

Using the built-in advertisement manager, you can easily display advertisements on your website.

Advertisement impressions are tracked and all settings can be modified in the admin area.

You’ll be able to put ads into “locations.” Then, with one line of code, you can display all of the ads in a certain ad “location.”

This is a great way to keep your ads organized, track impressions, and earn money from your website.

Customizable Look & Feel

GameSiteScript has a fully customizable look and feel. With our advanced theme system the possibilities are endless.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML will easily be able to modify every aspect of the display.

Additonally, the script is preloaded with two great themes.

Comments & Ratings

Users can rate games on a scale of 1-10. The comments & ratings system can be disabled.

Approval can be required for comments posted by guests, members, or both. Comment approval can be turned off so all comments are displayed immediately.

Member Management

Visitors can register at your arcade website. Once they have registered they will be given a profile and the option of subscribing to the site newsletter.

The number of games they play and comments they add will be tracked. You can choose to require registration after visitors have played a certain number of games.

E-mail activation for member accounts can be enabled or disabled. You can make trusted members site administrators, so they too can add games and help you run your website.

The entire member system can be turned on or off in the administration area.

Newsletter System

You can send a newsletter via e-mail to all members who have registered on your website and subscribed to the newsletter.

This is a great way to keep visitors returning to your website.

Game Code – Add to Blog/Website/MySpace/LiveJournal

A box containing the game HTML code is displayed on game pages. Visitors can paste this code into their website or blog. Included in this code is a link back to your website.

This will increase your website traffic and give you better link popularity in the search engines, which will in turn boost your rankings and Google PageRank.

This feature can be disabled in the administration area.

100% SEO Friendly

You can configure the script to use SEO friendly URLs using mod_rewrite (games/1/Game-Title.html) or $_SERVER[“PATH_INFO”] (index.php/games/1/Game-Title/).

Standard query_string URLs (index.php?params=games/1/Game-Title/) can also be used.

Meta keywords and descriptions can easily be set up for individual game and category pages via the administration area.

Built-In Search Engine

All the games on your arcade can easily be searched through.

Typing the name of a game in a search box will automatically take you to the game information/play page. Game keywords can be set up.

Link Management

Using the online administration area you can add links to external websites and set up your own links page.

GameSiteScript will track any visitors these sites send you and give them higher placement on your links page. You can track hits out as well, so you know if you’re getting a fair exchange.

The look of your links page can be easily customized. Links can also be flagged to be displayed on the homepage as well as the links page.

The number of links per row, whether or not to display the link description, and whether or not to display how many hits in and/or out can be changed in the administration area.

Content Pages

You can easily upload content pages to your website.

You can have an “About Us” page, page containing contact information, or whatever else you’d like. All content pages fully support HTML.

News System

Posting news on your website can be used to notify users when you have updated it, or just to let everyone know whats going on.

The news system is automatically enabled when the first news item is posted. To disable the news system, just remove all news posts.

File Editor

Are you sick and tired of opening your FTP program, downloading a file, editing it, and then uploading it again?

With a built-in file editor you’ll be able to browse and edit your files right in the administration area, as long as they are writable from PHP.


Any page can easily be sent to other Internet users.

This is a great viral marketing tool.

Tell-a-Friend can be enabled or disabled in the administration panel, as well as limited to only registered members.

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