Why Us?

GameSiteScript is an easy-to-use, feature-packed entertainment software package.

With GameSiteScript, you can efficiently create your very own entertainment site within minutes of placing your order.

Better still, a full range of media packages exist to complement GameSiteScript.

This makes up to 4,750 media files available for practically instantaneous use and hours of enjoyment by your site’s visitors.

Some of the features of GameSiteScript include:

Incredible Speed

The internal code of GameSiteScript is based on established software engineering techniques. Further efficiency is obtained through an advanced caching system.

The result is a script that despite its many features, runs extremely quickly and keeps server load to an absolute minimum.

With the release of 3.2, a GameSiteScript installation with 1750 games loaded uses less than 3.5Mb of RAM per page load, and that’s without enabling the cache system.

Member Account Registration

If community building is your goal, GameSiteScript also delivers in that domain, providing you the option of member registration.

Upon registration, your site’s members will be able to communicate with one another, attribute comments to their name, and maintain a profile page that lists their favorite media.

Easy-To-Use Admin Area

All aspects of maintaining your site — from adding games and videos, through to maintaining member accounts and sending members’ newsletters — is an absolute breeze with GameSiteScript.

Customizable, Powerful Theme Engine

How your site looks and feels is totally your choice.

GameSiteScript’s theme engine and language system empower you to customize as little or as much as you like.

And, for those who want a completely out-of-the-box solution, GameSiteScript comes with four themes, included absolutely free.

Site Sponsorship Systems

A fully integrated Media Sponsor system provides one way to use GameSiteScript as a veritable money-delivery machine, through the sale of content sponsorship links that can be tied to any of your GameSiteScript media.

This is backed by a powerful banner management system, creating a second possible source of GameSiteScript cashflow for your site!

No Worrying About File Types – GameSiteScript boasts native support for Flash and Shockwave games and animations, as well as common multimedia formats such as Windows Media, AVI, QuickTime, MPEG, GIF and JPEG. Moreover, the script’s CustomCode feature extends that support to include any file type.