About Me

Hey everyone, my name is Brad and I am currently going to school for computer engineering and I am hoping to find a career that has to do with making video games because that would definitely would be a career that felt like I was being paid for doing something I love and am interested in.

I have always wanted to do something in engineering because of how safe and successful the job was as well as because my dad is in bio engineering so I wanted to follow his footsteps in some way.

I love playing video games and it’s something I do to relax or take my mind of something so how awesome would it be if I could work on video games for a living?

Besides video games and engineering, I love anything that has to do with health and being outdoors and staying active.

I really enjoy eating healthy and finding new recipes and also I love to workout and stay fit.

It helps me mentally and physically.

If I am ever stressed out or have a lot on my plate, working out reminds me to stay calm and breath and that everything is going to be okay.

I thank you guys for reading and visiting my blog.